Blame Instagram and Pinterest

We all know the automatic email respons: “I will be out of the office…”. Reading this message at work, drinking my not so good, but very strong coffee makes me daydream about the most extraordinary holidays. Yes, the images you see on Instagram and Pinterest.


I know, somewhere those perfect images are fake, with tons of filters and Photoshop. But still, those magical places exist!

If you had a blanco ticket, where would you go? The other side of the world to explore the wilderness or visit relatives you haven’t seen for a long time? Who would you bring with you during the trip? A good friend, your parents or prefer to go alone?

I, and I’m sure you as well, have a travel bucket list. From the cold mountains till the warm desert: there are a countless destinations on my list. Maybe some of my must-travels are not so realistic (read: riding with Santa Claus in his sled through Lapland and a 5-star resort in Indonesia with private infinity pool in the jungle while cute monkeys hanging in the trees), but never say never!

It’s not my fault I have unrealistic expectations. Blame Instagram and Pinterest. They set the bar very high and although I L-O-V-E them both very, very much, they should have one day a year where everyone posts a realistic, non-filter image of how the world looks. I would call this day Pinterday (please don’t steal my million dollar idea).


I’m talking about grey sky’s, muddy roads, fog which will block a beautiful view and a lot of other daily, not so magical things. Those moments are the most normal ones, and we should treasure these more by capturing it more often. They are part of life as well and makes us who we are.

When I will visit Lapland, I won’t be disappointed when Santa Claus can’t make it to see me. I know he is a very busy man with a tight schedule. Instead, I will photograph my frozen hands and not so fashionable but oh-so-warm thermo outfit and save this image for Pinterday, the day where normal is extraordinary.

Pessimistic reflection on SATC

I was looking for the perfect serie, but browsing through Netflix and searching through a whole lot of shitty websites brought me no good. Suddenly I knew what I had to watch: Sex and the City! When SATC came out, I was too young to understand the jokes, the love problems and other issues woman could ever have.

SATCI came to realise that in 1998, when the serie started, Carrie was already so fashionable that we still (or again?) wearing the it-pieces she was wearing. The long skirts, high heels and sometimes crazy combinations makes us wish we were that fashionable. Sigh.

“You’re dating the city?”, Miranda asked Carrie. Maybe it was New York that made everything looks so good. Can you imagine Carrie wearing crop top, belt around her bare waist and A-line skirt walking through Kentucky? Maybe. But she would be a crazy person, probably. But in New York, wearing what Carrie would wear, you are a fashionable, confident woman who knows whas’s going on in the world of fashion.


Writing articles all day in an a-ma-zing apartment, looking at her hundred pair of shoes and asking these genius questions about life. How does she do it? Some money issues? Well, just take a freelance job at Vogue. No biggie! Of course is every day interesting and exciting, because, hey, it’s New York!

Maybe I would live one day in New York. Who knows. But no city is perfect. As Carrie once stated: “After all, seasons change, so do cities.”

Summer in Berlin

How would you describe summer in Berlin? Cold but warm, cloudy with a blue sky, rainy but also sunny? Summer in Berlin is very confusing.

I have to say, waking up with a bright sun makes me very optimistic. Without looking at the weather forecast I believe it is skirt weather. I’m sure, I don’t need my jacket or rain coat today. When I hop on my bike to work I realise it is a bit more chilly than expected. Two hours later and the sky is grey, pouring with rain and I’m wondering what I was thinking this morning.

Summer in Berlin

Is it really bad to have high expectations? I’ve learned that I shouldn’t expect too much, so I won’t get disappointed. I can’t help it, but I AM EXPECTING something! In summer I expect the sun, many picknicks in the park and a cool pool. During my workday I expect that the coffee machine is working properly, because I’m working properly. During parties I expect to have a good time with friends. And there are, of course, many other expectations. Endlessly actually.

Having expectations is something everyone has, but you are not allowed to have. Like a secret law. If you don’t have high expectations that your party will be a big hit, it will always turn out better than you ever hoped for. Well, I don’t care. I expect a Berlin summer and now I’m getting one. I was patiently expecting. Thank you, Berlin.